What is a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a doctor specializing in neuomusculoskeletal injuries, basically nerve problems, muscle & tendon problems, and joint problems. Using hands-on techniques, the primary goals are to decrease pain and increase functioning.

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While there are lots of different techniques that chiropractors employ, it comes down to ensuring that each patient gets a unique treatment that is customized to their injuries and helps take them to their goal.

We want to ensure that we are not just creating a short term fix, but working together to create long lasting solutions to live a happy healthy life.

At our clinic, Dr. Stoltz strives to create these long term solutions by addressing muscles, joints and nerves all issues throughout the course of the plan.

Another important factor in any treatment plan is the home care rehabilitation. Every patient that comes in our clinic will receive a personalized strength and flexibility care plan to accompany the in office treatments.

What Chiropractors Treat

Chiropractors have training throughout the body on all sorts of injuries from strains & sprains to sciatica, and everything in between; TMJ to your ankles.Some of the most common conditions chiropractors treat include:

    • Headaches & Migraines
    • Neck Pain
    • Shoulder Pain
    • Low Back Pain
    • Hip Pain
    • Postural Issues
    • Strains & Sprains
    • Sports injuries

Patient's Feedback

  • Amazing Chiropractor, very knowledgeable and feel more like a friend then a practitioner. He removed lots of tension I had near my neck and shoulder. I would definitely recommend his... read more

    thumb Eric Chan
    27 August 2021
  • My husband and I have been long time clients of Petra. She is an excellent Massage Therapist! Every session with her will leave you feeling so relaxed and better all... read more

    thumb Rowena Cruzado
    17 March 2021
  • Dr Stoltz helped me through tough times with my frozen shoulder, and brought back its mobility. He provides a relaxed and friendly environment.

    thumb Luis Castro
    27 February 2022
  • Petra Ciobanu, the Massage Therapist, was an amazing human being. She was very kind, very considerate and very professional. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a massage!

    thumb kiara baisas
    28 March 2023
  • another great experience....I did massages for the last 20 years....then realized I needed more than that..... never thought of a chiro...but...doing it for the past year with them......never turning back... read more

    thumb David Soln
    30 November 2022
  • I've been seeing Dr. Stoltz, the chiropractor, for quite some time since he's been really helping me with some neck issues and wrist issues. He's incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and... read more

    thumb Anna Bagus
    11 August 2022

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What to Expect on your First Visit

Your first appointment will start with an initial assessment. You will be asked many detailed questions about your pain or injury and what are your goals for treatment.

Next your practitioner will do several physical tests to determine things such as your:

    • Range of Motion (mobility and flexibility)
    • Strength
    • Ligament and Joint stability
    • Reflexes, Sensation
    • Nerve Tests
    • Swelling
    • Palpation (which specific ligaments, bones, joints, tendons are tender to touch

These tests are designed to help your physiotherapist diagnose your pain or injury, and then determine the best treatment plan for your condition.

Your treatment will be based on your diagnosis. We consider education one of the most important aspects of therapy and will provide you with information about your condition and its management. Understanding your condition allows you to take a direct and positive role in your recovery.

Hours of operation:

8:30 a.m.–6 p.m.

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8:30 a.m.–6 p.m.

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10 a.m.–1 p.m.


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