Improve Mobility With Chiropractic Care

Being able to move every part of the body freely, without pain or stiffness, is necessary for a high quality of life. Maintaining good mobility is not impossible, but it will not happen without a conscious effort to keep every joint, muscle, ligament, and tendon in tip-top shape.

What Causes Loss of Mobility?

For many chiropractic patients with severe low back pain, they report a sudden onslaught of pain when performing a simple task such as bending over to pick up an item or even sneezing! This type of lower back pain can happen to a person in their 30s just as quickly as a person in their 80s. What do these patients have in common? Lack of joint mobility.

How Can I Maintain Adequate Mobility?

Developing a routine that focuses on developing strength, good posture, balance, and good mobility is necessary for a high quality of life. Performing specific stretches and exercises will keep muscles, ligaments, and tendons strong and flexible. Stretching can also help joints moving correctly, but adding routine chiropractic adjustments can be beneficial.

In a vast majority of cases with lower back pain, the patient’s joint becomes “all locked up,” decreasing their mobility to the point of immobility. This is no way to live. This immobility in regards to lower back pain is not isolated to the elderly. If a person does not keep a regular exercise program that involves stretching, even if they are in their 30's, they will be more prone to loss of mobility than a person in their 70's who stretches and exercises regularly.

How Can a Chiropractor Help with My Mobility Issues?

If the joints don’t move fluidly, other parts of the body have to take over. This causes great stress on those areas which lead to pain and inflammation. In comparison, the area that is not moving normally will worsen due to the muscles in the area tightening, which causes the tendons and ligaments to shorten and the joints to stick together.

Think of the Tin Man and his oil can. He didn’t move for a long period of time and ended up standing frozen on the side of the road. The human body is the same way. If not moved, stretched, and exercised regularly, the body will continue to stiffen up until the slightest movement will cause the person to suffer excruciating pain. A chiropractor can help a person with loosening up their joints through regular adjustments.


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