Step 1 - Diagnosis

We begin with identifying your areas of aches and pains.


STEP 2 - Game Plan

We create an individualized treatment plan with rehabilitation exercises to get you on the road to recovery.
maintenance care

STEP 3 - Preventative Care

Ongoing treatment is recommended to prevent pain from returning
  • Not only is he very friendly and professional, he effectively helps manage my fibromyalgia. Which is honestly hard to find when looking for a chiropractor because most medical professionals don't believe it's a real condition let alone make you feel comfortable enough to open up about your struggles with chronic pain. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in the Ottawa area looking for a chiropractor

    thumb Emily Hurst
    27 January 2022

    I have had massage therapy from John for four years and can attest to the exceptional benefits from the massage therapy I have received from him. Johns knowledge and technique affords me the ability to enjoy life without having the pain of these conditions hamper my activities. I highly recommend John for massage therapy!

    thumb Hil C
    11 February 2023

    I received the best massage ever today from the healing hands of Petra. She took some extra care with my problematic shoulder and for the first time in months, my shoulder was pain free. My next session with her is already booked! Thank you Petra!

    thumb Ruth Westwell
    16 March 2023
  • Never thought of going to a chiro...the massages was just not doing the trick...coming the Greg for over 6 months now, its part of my routine...once a month. He is a great profressional and loves his job.

    thumb David Soln
    27 January 2022

    Dr. Stoltz is a professional and knows his job. He is very friendly and makes you feel relax and comfortable. I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for quite a long time and he helped me to mange my pain and feel it less and less over time. My first session with him was magical when I walked out from his office, I did not have any pain. I highly recommend him and his services.

    thumb Saeid Kianpour
    27 January 2022

    Dr. Stoltz really helped me with my headaches! He is extremely knowledgeable and caring, and I would highly recommend anyone dealing with any condition to stop in to see him! Thank you so much! ????

    thumb Anna Bagus
    27 April 2020
  • another great experience....I did massages for the last 20 years....then realized I needed more than that..... never thought of a chiro...but...doing it for the past year with them......never turning back to massage.... its a once a month chiro ritual..thanks.

    thumb David Soln
    30 November 2022

    Yoon Mi is a wonderful Physiotherapist! I started seeing her a month ago for my shoulder and neck. Her treatments were very effective and the exercises she provided were very good. I'm finally on the mend. I would recommend Yoon Mi and the team at OPRC to everyone. Thank you so much!

    thumb Helen Rose-McHarg
    19 January 2023

    I really enjoyed my treatment with Petra. She is an excellent massage therapist, respectful and very attentive to your needs. Highly recommended. Patricia

    thumb Yves Leduc
    26 March 2022
  • Consistently great massages from Petra. Friendly and professional service from Greg (owner and Chiropractor.)

    thumb PanHix
    19 August 2022

    I started seeing Dr. Gregory Stoltz two years ago for some chronic back pain and poor posture, and I am blown away by the improvement after just a few sessions! Dr. Gregory Stoltz is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled, and takes the time to really listen to my concerns and address them with personalized treatment. Not only has my pain decreased significantly, but I've noticed a marked improvement in my posture and overall mobility. The office environment is comfortable and welcoming, and the staff are all friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Gregory Stoltz to anyone seeking effective, personalized chiropractic care.

    thumb Zhafid
    27 April 2023

    Yoon Mi Bae is very professional and thorough. I went in with a tear in my shoulder and in a lot of pain. Within two sessions I can see the improvement, which has me feeling hopeful. I highly recommend her.

    thumb Aline Yap
    7 February 2023
  • Petra Ciobanu, the Massage Therapist, was an amazing human being. She was very kind, very considerate and very professional. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a massage!

    thumb kiara baisas
    28 March 2023

    When I'm done with my healing I'll post the name of my human healer so everyone can book an appointment. Until then know that her work is EXCEPTIONAL

    thumb Fubara Okujagu
    8 December 2022

    Amazing service, best place to go to do Chiropractor!

    thumb Dragon Mobile Services
    3 August 2022
  • My name's Carlos and I met Dr. Greg on mid July 2020. Initially I was there for back pain. I recall month and a half or two when I started to feel less pain and more capable, therefore I took it to a different level. I've an insane workout routine. I want to be shredded, cut, ripped, jacked, you name it!. I see Greg every 21 days and he keeps me running and free of pain. He knows what I want and do then he adjusts the sessions accordingly including acupuncture!. Go see him regardless of what your goals are.

    thumb Kpmm Supervision
    27 February 2022

    It took convincing to get me back to a chiropractor as I had previously had a bad experience. One session with Greg changed that. His confidence became my confidence. He lets you know what is needed and gets the job done. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    thumb Lorna Kennedy
    6 April 2022

    I have been enduring my back pain/neck pain for as long as I can remember. Pain patches were not helping anymore. I have seen Dr. Stoltz just for the first time and he explained to me in full detail what's going on and what will be the plan not just for the pain but for my whole well being as well. I left half of my back pain gone just after the first session. Thank you Dr. Stoltz!

    thumb Diane Meryl Manulat
    14 March 2023

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