Motor Vehicle Accidents

First steps after a car accident

After your accident, you will be in contact with an adjustor and you will receive a claim number.

If you are suffering from a physical injury (whiplash, strains, fractures, etc.) or pain as a result of your accident, you must be assessed by a recognized provider (a medical physician, chiropractor or physiotherapist) as soon as possible. A treatment plan is created and must be approved by your adjustor.

Prepare for an initial visit of 1 hour.

At the First Visit

At your first appointment, please bring with you

  1. Auto insurance company and policy number
  2. Adjustor name and contact information
  3. Claim number for the accident
  4. Date of accident
  5. Which provide the accident was in
  6. Personal health
  7. insurance information (ID and policy numbers)

Billing for MVA patients


In order for goods and services to be paid by your auto insurance, you must follow a pre-approved treatment plan. After your first assessment, our physiotherapist will submit your treatment plan for approval. This treatment plan includes a total number of sessions estimated to bring you back to normal functions given a certain time frame. For example, it might include 20 treatments over a period of 8 weeks.

If you have private insurance coverage, we must exhaust this coverage before moving to your auto insurance. Please make sure to bring this insurance information with you at your first visit as well. If your insurance company accepts direct billing, we will work with your insurance company on your behalf. If it does not, you must submit claims to them directly. If this insurance is exhausted, billing to your auto insurance can be done by us.


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